Rotorua all you can eat
Dinner Buffet

Open 5pm – 9pm, Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Sorry our buffet is temporarily unavailable, we will update this page once its up and running again

Beef · Pork · Chicken · Lamb · Seafood · BBQ · Vegetable · Salad
Dessert · Snack · Drinks · Ice Cream
Kiwi Style · Asian Style
Hot Dish · Cold Dish · Soup


*buffet etiquette rules apply (see below)


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Guide To All You Can Eat Buffet Etiquette

  • Our BBQ skewers are stainless steel, their sharp tips are not suitable for kids to handle. Please keep them in the tin provided on the table when you finish.
  • Food items are to be consumed within the premise only.
  • Takeaways are charged separately.
  • You have to pay for the food you wasted on the table.
  • No personal food and drink items to be brought inside the premise.
  • All tables have a maximum time limit of 90 Minutes.
  • Please ask first if you are allergic to gluten, nuts, egg, or dairy.
  • We may change our published rates at any time with or without notice.
  • Please wait to be seated and please take care of all your belongings.
  • Non eating people are not allowed in the buffet.
  • Please take extra care with the plates as customers are liable for any damages.
  • Our buffet includes more than 20 varieties to choose from
  • the available booking time slot: 5pm-6:30pm, 6:30pm-8pm