• KEY LIME PIE!!! YUM SCRUM!  sequoiaeatery rotorua rotoruanz keylimepiehellip
  • VEGE FILOS  fresh out of the oven YUM SCRUMhellip
  • So great to have the flexfitnessnz and flexfitnessrotorua FUELLING uphellip
  • Check out the hot new paintings by the very talentedhellip
  • NEW summer menu sequoiaeatery sequoiaeatery fuellingyouradventures rotorua rotoruanz summermenu yumscrumhellip
  • BURGERS BURGERS BURGERS! Sequoia Eatery  the finish line ofhellip
  • Such a Wicked day today! Burgers and more burgers! Congratulationshellip
  • And we are off!!! One team to Blue Lake tohellip
  • SUPER excited about this weekend!! We are going to behellip